Daily Operation To Grow Hydroponic Fodder

Daily Operation To Grow Hydroponic Fodder2018-11-19T16:35:10+00:00
Hydroponic Fodder Growing System

Hydroponic Fodder Growing System

Daily operation of the fodder growing revolves around 5 main tasks:
1. Harvesting mature fodder is pulled out of the trays as a complete single mat. feeding them to animals
2. Cleaning Trays It is critical that the trays and all equipment are thoroughly cleaned to reduce the risk of mould and other infections. A soapy water or water with bleach is commonly used to achieve this.
3. Sowing New grain, which has been soaked for 24 hours, is sown into the trays. This grain is sown in an even layer 2cm deep.
4. Cleaning & washing the grains for soaking
5. Disinfecting and soaking grains for next day sowing

Fodder Growth – Day wise – No Fertilizer or Hormones Just Water and Seed

Day 0 – 1 of cycle – Pre-soaked swollen grains evenly spreading in the plastic tray, trays stacked on shelves
Day 2 of cycle – Seeds have begun to sprout roots and head after being soaked for 24 hours before planting.
Day 4 of Cycle – Tremendous growth in root bed occurs before growth of shoots/ heads.  Healthy root beds will create a mass that resembles that of a tight knit carpet lifting the seed and shoot from the tray.
Day 6 of Cycle – Root bed is almost fully developed and growth transfers to shoots that have grown to 1″-2″ in overall height.
Day 7 of Cycle – Feeding Day – Growth so fast you can nearly see it! Fully developed shoots and root bed ready for feeding.  Healthy root beds are hard to separate and shoots are 8″-10″ in overall height.  From simple seed and water comes healthy natural feed with no fertilizer and hormones added.

After the mat is removed from the tray, it can go into a feed mixer or be hand-fed to livestock. Livestock will eat the whole thing: seeds, roots, and grass. There is minimal waste. Livestock may not eat the fodder initially because it is novel, but should soon learn to eat it with relish.