camel feed




To feed your livestock “FRESH GREEN FEED” everyday all year round, We have specifically designed and developed a highly efficient and cost effective fodder solution.

“HITECH GREENS” Fodder System is a perfect solution for anyone who has substantial livestock and has to depend on market supply for providing daily fresh green fodder to the animals. We have developed a live stock feed system by which you can bring down your feed costs by up to 50% and further more you will have guaranteed supply of Green Feed all the 12 months of the year no matter the weather conditions. This technology offers low operating costs and requires minimum labor. Depending on the model it require 30 minutes to 120 minutes per day to harvest clean and seed the “HITECH GREENS” System.

All animals enjoy eating hydroponically grown nutritious maize fodder. The Hydroponic Fodder, we offer, has good moisture content which helps avoid animal’s death due to colic.